Learn About Medieval Women of Sussex in Long Man Lecture

Medieval women are ripe for rediscovery. And with that discovery comes some fascinating insights.

When Professor Janina Ramirez discovered that medieval women were largely missing from the record, she went in search of them. And what she found was important women with agency, who played an extraordinary part in our history.

Esteemed art historian, BBC presenter, author and University of Oxford lecturer, Professor Janina Ramirez will deliver the inaugural Long Man Lecture and explain how new technology is enabling us to learn more about the remarkable women of our past.

Professor Ramirez is a gifted presenter, lecturer and researcher who specialises in interpreting symbols and examining art works within their historical context.

Professor Ramirez will explore the Middle Ages through the women written out of them. She will uncover the benefits of revisiting archives and asking different questions, and look at how modern technology and cross-disciplinary approaches can help us discover different stories.

These topics and more will be uncovered at the launch of the Long Man Lecture Series on Wednesday, 28th February at the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts in Brighton.

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